Our Strengths



Staff are trained to preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and privacy of all service users within a warm caring atmosphere while being sensitive to the Service users ever changing needs.


All areas of the home are non-smoking. However supervised smoking outside the building may be permitted at the managerís discretion. Service users may be allowed alcohol at discretion, depending on the type of medication being taken, the time alcohol may be consumed.

RELIGION ( Worship / Attendance at religious Services )

Service users may attend religious services either within or outside the home, as they so desire. If services are outside the home, the service user should, if necessary and where possible, arrange for transport and accompaniment with friends or relatives. In the event of this not being possible, care staff may accompany service users on specific occasions if staffing levels permit.

Service users have the right to meet clergy of their chosen denomination at any time. If required a private room will be made available for such meetings.


  • The home has a fire alarm system fitted, with Fire Exit Notices and Fire Emergency Instruction Notices displayed at strategic points throughout the building.
  • Staff are instructed during induction training with regard to fire prevention / drills. This includes location of the fire fighting appliances, evacuation, and muster point and raising the alarm.
  • All fire systems and alarms are tested weekly by staff of the home and serviced every 12 months by a qualified engineer. Records are kept of all such testing as part of the Proprietor / Managers responsibilities.
  • A qualified fire extinguisher maintenance engineer checks all fire fighting equipment annually.
  • Where possible furniture, fixtures and fittings must be made of fire resistant or fire retardant fabrics and materials.
  • All furniture to be fire retardant where resident brings their own furniture


Service Users family, friends and relatives are encouraged to visit the Service user regularly and maintain contact by letter or telephone where visiting is not possible. In these cases staff will offer to assist the service user to respond where help may be needed.

Visitors are welcomed at all reasonable times, and are asked to let the person in charge know of their arrival and departure from the home. For security and fire reasons, visitors must sign the visitorís book on each visit.

The service user has the right to refuse to see any visitor, and this right will be respected and up-held by the person in charge who will, if necessary, inform the visitors of the service users wish.


Once developed the service users plan will be reviewed monthly or when necessary and updated to reflect any changing needs and ensure that the objectives for health personal and social care are actioned. A Care plan is developed with the involvement of the service user and their family.

Family and relatives are encouraged to participate in the service users daily routine as far as is practical, and are invited to monthly formal reviews. Service users and their relatives are encouraged to chat with a member of the care staff if they have any concerns.

The service users plan is reviewed at different levels:

  • Daily on a shift-to-shift basis. At staff changeover the service users daily care notes are handed over by the out going shift to the staff on the in coming shift and the service users responses and activity patterns discussed as needed. Changes to the service users care plan may be proposed at this point.
  • At the end of the four week settling in period.

All amendments to the care plan require the authorisation of the Home Manager or RGN/CPN; certain amendments may require the authorisation of the service users GP.

All amendments to the service users care plan are recorded in full.


If as a service user, relative or visitor you feel that there is cause for complaint. You should first discuss your concern with the person in charge. If in your opinion the matter is a serious one or if you remain dissatisfied, you can make a written complaint to the manager. A full investigation will be made into the complaint, and you will be advised of the outcome within 28 days after the date of complaint is made.

If after this investigation you are still not satisfied or if you feel that the complaint is of a serious nature and you wish to speak to a registration officer first, then you should contact the Commission for Social Care and Inspection. A copy of our complaints procedure is on display and can be made available on request.


The home takes into account the service users interests, experiences, personalities and medical condition. The home offers a range of activities to encourage the service user to keep mobile and most importantly take an interest in life. Staff encourages and in certain instances help service users to pursue their hobbies and interests. As the average age of our residents is 80 years plus, they do not have the capacity for long periods of concentration or physical activity. There is no compulsion to join in for activities and the decision of the resident is respected. Nonetheless, they enjoy themselves when the musicians come to entertain.

  • Service users can play the following games:
    Cards, Bingo, Draughts, Carpet bowls, play the piano etc.
  • Activities with the staff:
    Chatting to individual service users, Going for walk ( weather permitting ), Manicures, Playing games, Armchair exercises, Reading letters/magazines/newspapers, Music and singsongs, Ball games, speaking newspaper etc.
  • Outings:
    All outings are geared to service users needs and capabilities and due to this a limited number of service users can go on any one outing.


Within the home there are various systems, which ensure that close monitoring is maintained on all of the homes services and procedures. Attention to the smallest detail is pivotal to everything that we do.

An important part of our quality programme is to involve the service users and their relatives. We regularly ask for comments on the home, the staff and services we provide. We also circulate a service user questionnaire periodically, which assists in assuring that we continue to provide a quality service.

We offer choices of meals three times a day with snacks and drinks inbetween and before bed time. The chef is prepared to cook an alternative to the meals planned if the service user has a preference for something else. We pride ourselves in the quality of food served and cater for special dietry requirements. Menuís are seasonal and on a three weekly rotation.

Our Amenities